Kevin Aaron of National Agents Alliance


We are Kevin Aaron and Kayla Aaron direct to Paul Roberts out of Dallas, TX.

I was brought into National Agents Alliance in September of 2008 by a friend of the family.  I was looking for a career change and was ready to quit my job as a restaurant manager.  I went to my first National Convention in January of 2009 by myself.  After going to convention and seeing the bigger picture, I  went home and tried to fill Kayla in on how exciting the company and the opportunity was.  I brought her to a Tuesday information meeting at Hal & Ellen Rosen’s office and that’s when she saw something bigger as well and we began to work together. 

At that time we were living in St. Louis, Mo we had a 1 ½ year old daughter and baby number two on the way.  Kayla and I were hungry for the leadership and spent all of 2009 traveling to areas 8 hrs or less from home to get to HotSpots with Andy Albright, Alex Fitzgerald, and Paul Roberts.  Although Kayla was very pregnant for most of this and it wasn’t the easiest decision to make we knew it was the best thing for us.  The Association and getting around successful people as much as we possibly could is exactly what we needed. 

In June of 2010 after counseling with our upline we made the decision to increase our association dramatically by moving to Dallas, TX.  We really wanted to be successful with NAA so we had to get as close to the leaders as possible.  Paul Roberts took us under his wing as his new agent mentor and recruiting manager  so we could learn directly from some of the best in the business.  This decision was purely emotional, we wanted more for our family and children than we knew how to do, we needed the leadership to show us how to get to where we wanted to be.

After being in Texas a little over a year, our growth has been huge. In July of 2011 we began building the Aaron team, In  September of 2011 we hit Team Leader structure, Had a $185,000 Annuity go Issue Paid ($11,600 commission), and were accepted into black card!!!  The past three months have been a whirlwind on top of growth within our team, we also qualified for our first trip to Punta Cana, which happens to be on Kayla and I’s 4th anniversary.

We continue to plug in and associate after our Fall Forward event in Dallas we had the pleasure of taking Andy and Jane Albright to the airport, Just being around them makes you feel as though you can take on the world.  The very next weekend we had our biggest weekend ever with $10,700 simplified issue A.P.

What National Agents Alliance has done for us it has given us hope, belief and Leadership that has forever changed us. NAA has made us better spouses, parents, and business owners. Our 2 children Brielle 4 and Logan 2 will have a life that most of us only dream of. 

Thank you NAA!!!
Kevin and Kayla Aaron

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  1. Kevin & Kayla:

    What is your persistency ratio–i.e. what percentage of your cases remain in force after one year?

    What percentage of your leads convert to sales?

    What is your average monthly premium on cases written? above or below $100 per month?

    How many sales have you generated by assisting Childrens’ Miracle Network and KABOOM?

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