Eric Lankford of National Agents Alliance

I joined National Agents Alliance in February of 2010 while working as a Tire Technician at Discount Tire trying to earn enough money to get back in school.

Now that I’m with National Agents Alliance I have mentors like you and Jane, Alex and Ginny Abuyuan, Patrick and Susy Connors, & Kyle and Char Keator to lead me through life growing as an young man mentally, spiritually, and especially business wise. Remember, I’m only 21 and growing every single day thanks to the NAA system.

My business in the month of October 2011 has ISSUE PAID $67,373 the first 3 weeks, and I have been helped in creating a six figure residual income THUS far! THAT is what NAA has done for me, and I look forward to helping others create what my mentors and the National Agents Alliance system has already helped me do in the short amount of time I’ve been in the business.

Thank you Andy & Jane I’m forever grateful!!!

Eric Lankford

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