Preston Lund of National Agents Alliance

This is Preston Lund of National Agents Alliance.  Yesterday I helped a 68 year old lady who has ALS (Lou Gehrig disease).  It was an opportunity lead final expense.  I knocked on the door since there wasn’t a phone number.  She could only mumble so I didn’t understand her but she wrote her son’s name and number down to call him to set up an appointment. 

I called him and he brushed me off saying he was busy at the moment and hung up.  So I called him back a couple days later and he said he doesn’t know when he’ll be home because he’s on call and doesn’t have a set work schedule.  I told him I’ll try to catch him throughout the day.

I went by the house 3 times before I got him home.  He helped his mom communicate with me since she could only mumble.  She wanted coverage to cover her funeral costs.  I saw that CFG would take her graded and I explained that there would be a waiting period.  She picked the $10,000 plan and it was a $1068 ap deal.  And then we set up her ERS with 10 people.  8 of which are her children!  It felt good to help her out.

I thought it was cool that we could cover a person with ALS. She was a happy camper!


Preston Lund

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