On Friday, I went out and met with a client that I originally met with on August 11, 2011.  When I first met with them, they had a few things that they were looking for help with, needless to say I didn’t close the sale.  I continued to follow up with them every week since then, not always getting a hold of them.  Following our first meeting I sent them  the book Tax-Free Retirement by Patrick Kelly.  They read the book and said they wished they knew about it 30 years ago.  Last week I set the appointment to go out and help them on Friday.  I showed them how to get the most out of the money they were putting aside for retirement but also having life insurance in place too.  I sold for $900.00 a month, F&G’s IUL product! 
Thank you and Diane so much for ALL your excellent mentorship and support!
Thank you again!!

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