Cortez Stays Course to Find Success

Carlos Cortez joined National Agents Alliance roughly three months ago, after serving two tours with the army in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cortez, of Clarksville, Tenn., is originally from Ecuador but moved to the United States and enlisted.

American FlagDuring his last tour, Cortez was in a Humvee that was hit by an improvised explosive device. Cortez was injured badly and had to fight for his life. Cortez’s condition improved and he received the Purple Heart for his service.

After a bumpy beginning with National Agents Alliance, Cortez only submitted $2,092 in the month of September. Cortez decided he wasn’t doing something right. He chose to attend one of the four Fall Tour events held in October. After that weekend, Cortez turned up his production in a big way.

“He has certainly changed our lives as much as we have affected his,” Kaleb Garcia said of Cortez. “He is a warrior. His story has inspired us and our team. I hope that the NAA nation will be inspired by a real American hero.”

He flew to Texas to run business. His first trip yielded a few thousand in premium, but Cortez was not deterred. In November, Cortez returned to Texas twice and wrote more than $10,000 on each trip. He has two more trips planned before the end of the year and he’s fired up. He continues to write applications each week and he’s glad to be a part of the NAA team.

Thanks for your service Carlos!

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