Passion and Your Business

We have all heard stories of the quintessential 98-pound weakling performing a physical feat of historic proportions, and this notion was brought to the fore once again in a recent article circulating on the web.

Passion and Your BusinessThis particular story described a 17 year-old boy who was so weak he was unable to successfully hand-walk across the parallel bars in his gym class, but he was able to lift a car off his older brother who was pinned underneath the ’57 Chevy he was restoring.

How could this under-muscled kid do the impossible?  We know that a rush of adrenaline can make muscles do more than believed, but what’s the “reason” behind this?

People do all sorts of amazing things when their degree of passion reaches the level of this 17 year-old when he faces the fact:  “I lift this car or my brother dies.”

What extremes would you go to if you had to save the life of your child?  Parents have rushed into burning buildings and torn through walls because of such motivation.  When we have a real “reason” it’s amazing the sudden motivation we have to act, and act quickly.

What would happen to your career if you could infuse this level of passion into your day-to-day, hour-to-hour activity?  We all pretty much know what to do; most just don’t do enough.  What motivates you to get the job done?  Is the “why” you work accurately defined?  If it’s not, it will be easy to become distracted by just about anything, and the “to-do” list never gets done.  This doesn’t happen to the real producers in life.  Somehow their motivations are applied to the right things at the right time, and they finish the job with time left over for family, recreation, etc.

So how can YOU raise your level of motivation with National Agents Alliance anytime, anywhere, on demand?

First, you have to create a huge “why,” your very personal reason for what you do.  For most professionals this means more than just making money…seeing their children get a great education, helping parents retire early from a difficult, physical job, or maybe helping to feed starving children in a third-world country.  Whatever it is that drives you needs to be big.  When it is, and you internalize it, develop a powerful, passionate vision of your “why,” and you spend some quiet time each day to focus on that reason, it becomes “part of you,” and is stored deep in your subconscious mind, the 99% of your mind that controls what you do automatically.

When you’re working on your computer, if you have the correct software running it will be easy to get your tasks done.  The same happens with your mind.  You program your mind by building that strong passion for your life; building the motivation you need to reach your goals.  This necessary motivation does not come from a boss.  It’s internal.  Only you can properly program the mind by consciously feeding it good, positive, uplifting information, or you’ll end up with the old “garbage in/garbage out.”  Visualize the results you want.  When you focus on what you really want more than anything else in the word, your subconscious mind will take over and there is nothing that will keep you from succeeding.  No chore will be too tough. No deadline will bother you.  The phone no longer weighs a ton.  Asking for referrals will be easy.  It’s really a done deal.  Everything is on auto-pilot.  You’ll pick up the car!

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