Daniela Spiridon

Below you will find a letter I was asked to forward about the importance of what we do.  Daniela’s customer was shot and killed within 2 days after she had him sign the application. This occurred while we were at the re-charge meeting. This reminds us not to accept the response of “I want to think about it” because if this gentleman said that, his family would not have been protected.

-Hal Rosen

Hal Rosen & Andy Albright

I would like to thank you, the owners of National Agents Alliance, Fitz, Paul Roberts, and Hal & Ellen Rosen for the great opportunity that has been offered to me.

Also, I would like to thank the Foresters for the great programs that they offer to National Agents Alliance so that we may help protect many families.

This is about the importance of getting the application and protecting families.

On March 24, 2009 I happen to meet with one of my customers and I wrote a simplified issue policy on Foresters for $100,000 with an additional $100,000 of accidental death protection.  He has 5 children and a wife, who is 7 months pregnant with their 6th child.

I had the applications and the Pac forms signed and they were still in my possession when on March 26, 2009 my client was shot and killed at his business. It was all over the local news.

He left behind the wife and 6 kids with a big mortgage payment and no money at this time.

We all need to understand that NAA offers us a tremendous opportunity in life to be able to protect as many families as we can. There are plenty of families waiting for us to knock on their door and show them and explain to them how we can help them protect their family.

I am proud to be a part of National Agents Alliance and I am glad I was able to protect this family. This is a great lesson of how important it is to Follow, Listen and Execute!


-Daniela Spiridon

Daniela Spiridon

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