Get More From Your Day Just Through the Words You Use

Attitude is EverythingDo you find some days just never seem to produce as much as planned or hoped?

Experts studying the mind have found through their research the reason for lower production on some days can be as simple as the words you use.

Let’s examine.  What is your response when someone asks something as innocuous as, “how are you doing?”  Do you say, “over-worked and under-paid,” or “not too bad?”  How do you think the brain responds to such dreary responses?

We all know people who constantly complain, saying things like, “my boss is a pain in the neck,” or “this project is nothing but a big headache.”  What do you think is attracted by those types of words?  It doesn’t necessarily bring on an immediate headache but these words and attitudes have an effect on our overall health, and not in a good way!

Think about the opposite attitude.  Think about that friend who is always upbeat, who has a sunny, “everything’s great” attitude.  He or she answers the how are you question with, “couldn’t possibly be better!”  Or “if I was any better I’d have to be twins.”  That attitude also affects overall health, but in a positive manner.

Over time, our health has a huge effect on our production.  In little, subtle ways we are either energized and enthused about life in general and our work in particular, or lethargic and a “step slow.”  Either way, there is an effect.

So, what’s the point here?  Let’s say you have a Friday schedule that is packed with appointments from 8:00 a.m. right on through the day with the final meeting not ending until at least 7 p.m.  There are two approaches you could take:  one, you could be pessimistic and say, “I can’t believe I have to work late on Friday while everyone else will be starting their weekend early and meeting at Happy Hour,” or you say “Wow!  This is going to be awesome.  I’ve got a great chance to make six sales today. How great will that make my weekend!”

Which person is likely to have a better day?  Remember the effects are not immediate.  What words you say out of habit will eventually determine your results.  So, examine what your usual words are, or better yet, ask a close friend for an honest appraisal of your general demeanor.  If you are aware of what you say you’re on your way to greater production. You can improve if you want to; start using positive, up-beat words on a regular basis.  Make it a point to NEVER let your words hold you back with National Agents Alliance.

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  1. Great article! National Agents Alliance always produces great leaders and prepares you for a successful future!

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