Game Time

Have you been to the big game lately? Many fans come early to watch the team warm-up. The players come out and do their stretches and warm ups. Ankles are taped, knees are braced, and everything is tended to.  The team goes through its drills and sometimes a quick run through of some important plays. Every muscle is warmed up and loosened up in anticipation of the big game.

PreparationAt this point the team usually disappears into the locker room.  This is where the real warm up begins.  Uniforms, face black, shoe laces…Every detail is taken care of.  And then the mental preparation begins.  The coaches talk to the players, prayers are said, huddles and high fives.  The energy is mounting and the focus is intensifying on one thing: VICTORY!

The team leaves the locker room, pours onto the field with banners, balloons, cheerleaders, roaring fans…The energy is at a fever pitch as the game begins.

Here at National Agents Alliance, we know the tremendous value of a perfected pre-game warm-up, so let’s talk about yours.  Your mood, appearance, demeanor, and energy level when you walk in the prospect’s door are critical to the outcome of your game.  Having a routine to prepare for this critical moment in the sale makes the difference between a good agent and a great one.

Here is a list of some things that you should consider instrumental to your “pre-game warm-up”:

  • Are you looking your best?  Pants pressed, hair neat, fingernails clean, etc?
  • Are your materials together and accessible?
  • Do you have all the available information about your client?
  • Do you have everything you need?
  • Do you have a working pen and a backup?
  • Are the batteries charged in your mobile devices (laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc)?

Make a checklist for yourself, and be sure you use it before every appointment.

What do you listen to as you drive to the client’s house: music, talk radio, or some great, motivating sales information?  What is going on in your head: are you questioning yourself or reminding yourself of your big “why?”  Do you have pictures of your “why” taped to your dashboard or inside your briefcase?  Are you going back over your victories and sales success or are you thinking about the fact that you’re 0 for 3 this week and the car payment is late?

Any athlete can tell you:  it’s 95% mental.  Do your work.  Prepare yourself and your materials, but when it’s game time, get your mental focus in one place. Believe in yourself and your product, National Agents Alliance is behind you and offers many sources of support and resources to help.  Remember, there is a family out there who needs what you have, and no one else can take care of them as well as you. So put on your game face, and remember why you’re here…Be confident, and walk out with a completed app (or two)!!!

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