Jim Rohn, businessman, philosopher, and speaker, frequently spoke on a topic he called ‘seasons of life.’ He shared that life follows predictable patterns just like the four seasons.

Let’s look at how this applies to your business. Are you brand new in the business?  Just getting started? Excited by all the successful people you are meeting and about how bright your future is with National Agents Alliance?  Spring is a great season when everything seems brand new and is full of promise. But spring requires our immediate attention: spring is when we must get busy and plant some seeds in the ground. Spring is short, and we must clear away the remains of winter and get busy turning the soil and planting the seeds.  Some people join the business, and then don’t even begin…they think that they can delay spring for a few months, but a smart agent knows that spring won’t wait. The seed you plant today will bring you a harvest in the fall.

Spring is followed by summer, and Mr. Rohn teaches that this is the season that separates the winners from the rest. Summer is when we have to work the hardest in our garden. Pull the weeds, fight the bugs, and water the crop; all this work and no harvest yet. This is the time when some of the agents quit…”It’s too hard, I don’t see how this can work”. The secret to success in summer is in knowing that while the days can be long, hot, and tiring, they will be followed by a harvest. Those who stay in the game and keep their focus will become successful.

National Agents Alliance - SeasonsFall is payday and we reap what we have sown.  Did you sow your seeds diligently in the spring? Did you call on friends and neighbors to market policies?  Did you look for and invite good people to join your agency?  Did you get them trained properly?  When you look back at summer, did you continue to sharpen your skills in dialing leads, in running appointments? Did you do the hard work of building and leading your team to success?  If so, you will enjoy your harvest or payday. If you didn’t, paydays will be smaller. Fall is when we gather all we have done up to that point. Are you gathering enough to take care of you in the future, are you building a big enough agency, or are you staring at a pocket full of crumbs and remorse?

And of course there’s winter. Winter can bring heartbreaks, financial difficulties, and illness…Life throws so many curve balls.  If you have you prepared for the winter, you will ride it out and emerge tougher and stronger than ever.  If you haven’t done your work, then winter can break you. We all know someone who didn’t prepare and is broke, sick, hopeless, or alone. Winter is hard, and we must prepare.  But winter has a unique reward, one that is inevitable, and that reward is spring follows.  No matter how long, cold or dark, winter will end and a new spring will come.

National Agents Alliance encourages you to look at your business and assess where you are.  Do the work that is required now so that as the seasons pass, you can look at all you’ve done and know that your harvest will be bountiful.

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