Veronica Ylipelkonen

Veronica  YlipelkonenMy husband and I are direct to Stephen Davies, and we had 11 people for the first time at Natcon2012!

I know conventions can change lives because it changed mine personally through Jane Albright- but I had no idea of the power that it could have on my team!

One of my team members, Cibelle Almada, came to Natcon2012 from Florida. She is a very shy and reserved person- I found her through a craigslist add and finally met her on a trip to Florida since all our communication for the first few months was on the phone. After I met her, we had a great connection and I noticed her change in the business. She started dialing, made her first sale, and was now very excited- but only about selling. Not excited about recruiting or building a business. She just wanted to pay off her student loans with the money she was going to make with National Agents Alliance.

I called her and pretty much made her sign up for Natcon2012 since she had to travel far and leave her family at home. I tried to explain what convention did for me, but it was really hard. Finally convinced her!

Long story short- we had to overcome a few obstacles literally a day before she was flying in- but things work out when you make them work out! So, she was able to come.

I cannot explain the difference I saw in this woman’s eyes, posture, speech and SPIRIT before/after convention. She came in a little shy and quiet, and left VIBRANT, full of life, excited, chatty, and just with a new spirit and energy I had never seen in her before!

She said to me at the after party on Saturday: “This is the most fun I have had in years!!!”- I am not exaggerating when I say that listening to her say that meant the WORLD to me! I had SUCH an amazing feeling for being able to get her there and having her feel that way. That statement was worth a million dollars for me.

She is now getting her husband involved- enrolled him on examFX, took him to a rotational meeting (she volunteered top pick up Adam Katz from the airport in Fort Lauderdale with her husband-how cool!!) and he is on BOARD! He has been working third shifts, over 14 hours each- “babysitting” over 200 people, and he is just sick and tired of it. She is now sending me names and numbers for people she wants to hire, her husband is talking to everyone he knows, and she has SUCH an incredible new sense of HOPE, LIFE, ENERGY- it is AMAZING!!!!

THIS IS WHAT THIS BUSINESS IS ALL ABOUT!!! I am SO grateful National Agents Alliance gave ME the opportunity to change this person’s LIFE just by plugging her in! HOW POWERFUL IS THAT???

I am SOOOOOO excited about her future now!!!

THANK YOU ANDY, JANE, STEPHEN and HOLLIE for making me a better person so I can bring life and hope to others as you have brought to my life!

I cannot wait to see what National Agents Alliance does for her family! HOPE is just the beginning of the rest of their lives!!!

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