Being Genuine

SuccessDo you remember the movie Ground Hog Day?  Next year the movie will be twenty years old and most people consider it a classic.  Bill Murray stars as an ornery character that has to relive the same day over and over until he gets it “right.”

We get to see all sides of Murray’s character:  from the mean and selfish guy to the do-gooder man.   We also meet the woman chasing Phil, Murray’s character.

Day after day, Phil goes through the same things until he finally accepts his fate.  Then the “real” Phil emerges the day after Ground Hog Day.  It’s a new day and life is good.

Instantly he learned about the man he really was on the inside, the guy he had always hidden while trying to be someone he thought others expected him to be.  Once he stopped caring about what others thought about him he was able to be himself – the real Phil, a genuine person.  All of a sudden, everything in his life clicked.

What can we learn from Ground Hog Day?

That second chances are really possible.  When things get crazy in your life and everything seems to going wrong, it’s possible to change course and correct mistakes.  The first thing you have to do, though, is to be honest with yourself, and evaluate your goals and the effort you have made to reach them.

If 2012 is to be the best year of your life you’ll need to take a serious look inside yourself.  If your business hasn’t been going like you’d like it, you can have a second chance just like Phil, but you will need to make some changes – re-think your “why,” get recommitted to those goals, and persistently follow your plan of action.  Determine that you will not be stopped, that you will start making things happen today!

You started this business with National Agents Alliance because you saw the potential for a great income and a chance to create a lifestyle few ever attain.  You watched hundreds of others do just that through National Agents Alliance, and you know the system works.  Don’t try to be someone you are not; like, Phil in the movie, learn that being yourself is most important.  Being you is enough. When you stop trying to be someone else, people see the genuine you, the person they can trust, and your business will explode.

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