Is Your Dream Big Enough?

We get what we expect.  If we expect to be successful in our business, we need to take on the task of becoming educated in running our business with skillful effectiveness.  Success in our business is a numbers game.

bullseyeIf we begin with the unrealistic expectation that we can speak to just a few people and sit back and watch our income grow, we are fooling ourselves.  National Agents Alliance agents are taught to use the NAActivity book, to track the numbers diligently.  Successful agents learn the success ratios of the numbers, and then it’s simply a matter of speaking with enough people to put the odds in their favor.  If it takes fifty calls to get five appointments and you want ten appointments, double the number of calls.  If your sales ratio shows one sale for every two appointments, then to get more sales you need to increase the number of appointments.

When you begin to build your agency and you’re recruiting new agents, the same principles apply.  You track your effectiveness in recruiting the same way you do with setting appointments.  If you hire one agent after interviewing twenty applicants, you just need to speak with more applicants to find the person you want to work with.

A few suggestions for improving your recruiting skills:

  • Immerse yourself in personal development.  You’ll be more effective in communication as you, yourself, grow.
  • Develop a rock-solid recruiting presentation.  With experience you constantly improve and tweak the way you speak to potential team members, throwing out unnecessary information and adding more pertinent data.  Record your conversation and have your manager review and make suggestions.
  • Learn to ask good questions to learn more about the individual.  Don’t take just anybody on your team.  Be selective so you don’t regret the hire later.
  • Develop a system to find more prospects.  You want to increase the numbers and the quality of the people you interview.
  • Make sure you revisit your dream often so you don’t forget “why” you are doing this business.

The last point cannot be over-emphasized.  Your tolerance level for temporary setbacks will increase dramatically if you are driven by a dream that is big enough.  More importantly, you will send out an invisible message to people you speak with about joining your agency that you are going somewhere in life.  People like to be on a winning team.  They will see your passion, feel the vibe you exhibit, and will naturally want to be part of your agency.

Make sure you sell the dream!

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