Want 4 More Hours in Your Day?

WANT 4 MORE HOURS IN YOUR DAYHave you ever thought “if I just had more time I’d get all my tasks done?”  Many business trainers advise you that you can gain four to six hours every day to improve your personal production.

What could you really accomplish if you had four more hours every single day?   If you study the leader boards you’ll find out those agents leading the way at National Agents Alliance follow many of the suggestions below.

Let’s say you create a plan for 30 days. 

This mental fast involves some personal discipline but the results will astound you.  Not only will you end up with more time to do all the things you have to do and want to do, but you will have more energy than you have had since you were a teenager on the go.

Let’s say you decide to follow the following eight steps to create more time, energy and success:

  1. No TV or Radio – This is a hard one for most people, but it’s crucial.  TV is a big time waster, with little real value.
  2. No newspapers – You won’t miss much when you give up newspapers.  Just like the TV news shows, newspapers are mostly negative.  Remember the old song with these lyrics:  “…bad news on the doorstep.”
  3. Avoid negative people – Extremely important!  Negative people sap energy from us, and you don’t want anything to affect the positive attitude necessary for success.
  4. Listen to motivational & educational CD’s – Make your car a rolling university.  Listen to positive messages and instruction from the masters of selling, including top producers in National Agents Alliance.
  5. Read & reflect for 30 minutes a day – Done at the start or end of the day, this time is valuable for focusing on what’s really important in our lives and most people are in too big a rush to stop and think.
  6. Exercise daily – Helps in clearing your mind, increases your energy and helps maintain discipline in your daily life.
  7. Drink water – Most people are dehydrated.  Water cleans out toxins and helps control your appetite.
  8. Take some high-quality nutritional supplements – Because you work for yourself, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.  Take care of your health.

You will find that the most successful people in all industries, including at National Agents Alliance, follow these principles.

Radio, TV, Newspapers and some people give us nothing but negative vibes.  AND, you will be amazed at how much time those things eat up out of our day.  You will have more mental clarity and energy than you thought possible if you follow this program for just 30 days. GUARANTEED!!!

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