Being Professional

The biggest business-builders at National Agents Alliance are the ones who learn to “Show The Plan” in the most professional manner.

Being ProfessionalIt doesn’t take an agent long to learn that leverage is the key to building a great income and lifestyle.  Knowing that you can’t do it alone, and understanding the need for associating with high-quality professionals underscores the absolute reality that your ability to present yourself, and the great business opportunity we have, in a highly professional way will separate you from the mediocre in the industry.  It can be the difference between making $500 a month and $50,000 a month.

Long after the hype and pizzazz often employed in opportunity meetings, the prospect has to be convinced that the business model is solid and enduring, and that it’s something he or she can and wants to do.  Business proposals frequently leave out some important factors during the presentation, the most important of which is what the prospect wants.

CEO Andy Albright knows what the real professional is looking for and has spent the last ten years developing the premier business model.  Following his motto of “Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference” the National Agents Alliance opportunity gives the true professional exactly what they are looking for:  a fulfilling mission that allows them to earn an exceptional income, free time and an incredible lifestyle, and a culture where everyone has fun in the process.

With that said, it’s now incumbent on all agents to present this great business to prospects in a way that elevates National Agents Alliance above the crowded field.  Following the typical recruiting practices can bring you plenty of new agents, but you may be disappointed in their quality and longevity in the business.  It’s hard work to recruit and train new people and you want only the best in your agency.  Learn from the leaders how to “Show The Plan” properly and professionally, avoid excess hype, and watch your business grow exponentially.  Remember that how you do your presentation teaches your new agent how to do the same!

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