Defeating Procrastination

MehThe most common time-waster is procrastination.  Leaders at National Agents Alliance defeat procrastination the same way a race horse is forced to focus straight ahead – they put blinders on.  By staying focused on their goals, their most important “why,” they never let common distractions knock them off course.

When polled, our top income earners give this advice: “Tackle your most important or difficult task first thing in the morning.”  Getting the most important things done early in the day frees up your creativity to design a great day, week, and life.  There is nothing weighing on your mind and holding you back from being what you want to be.

In a planning session with CEO, Andy Albright, the most experienced agents listed the major do’s and don’ts of top producers:

  • Talking too long on the phone – don’t let someone waste your precious time
  • Too much time browsing social media sites – save it for later
  • Always preparing but not taking action – make a plan and take action
  • Failing to say no to unrelated tasks and people – learn to say no if the request is not in your best interest
  • Failing to ask for help or delegating to others – you can’t (and shouldn’t) do everything
  • Waiting until late in the day to do tasks – get the important things done first
  • Focusing on smaller, less important tasks – hire someone else to do the mundane


  • Schedule phone calls with end times when possible
  • Set a certain time AND a time limit for non-task-related Internet browsing
  • Plan your most important tasks and schedule them early
  • Make a SHORT daily to-do list and say no to tasks not on that list
  • Set deadlines and alarms for you to complete tasks – STICK TO THE SCHEDULE
  • Close your Internet browser or unrelated windows to avoid distraction
  • Place your phone on “Do Not Disturb”

It looks easy but most people do NOT master these skills.  However, if you look at the National Agents Alliance leader boards every week, you’ll find the agents listed there are masters of their time.  To be a high-producing professional agent you need to take charge of your daily schedule, defeat the temptation to procrastinate, and you’ll create a bigger income and more free time.

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