Brad Hanners

Brad HannersI called on an A1 lead that was a few months old.  The gentleman’s name was Richard Fletcher. On that lead there was a note stating “Richard’s dad is sick with cancer”.  Ironically the day I called him, February 14Th (Valentine’s Day), his dad had passed away earlier that morning.  I said my condolences and he said it was something he needed to look into so that when his time came, he did not want to be a financial burden on his family like his father who literally just died was going to be on him.  I booked the appointment.

Driving to the appointment I knew this area was a very low income town because I grew up about 5 miles away from it.  I pulled into a small trailer park development which made me immediately begin to assume that I was not going to be able to make a sale because they would have no disposable income. We all know what happens when we assume… Richard greeted me at the door and I sat down with him and his wife Nancy.  Richard went into talking about how times were rough and he was struggling finding consistent work.  He told me how he was a general contractor and that he mainly worked on houses fixing them up for new tenants.  I made an immediate connection with him because during my college days I too did the same type of work.  He then took me around his small trailer showing me all the work he had recently completed on it.  Richard was one of those individuals who took pride in his work.  It was now time to get down to business.  I went through my presentation and found a plan for both him and Nancy that they felt they could comfortably afford.

I then went over with them the ERS form and what its purpose was.  It was then that Nancy disclosed with me her story that in 1991 she was married to another man who had life insurance on himself.  He was killed in a drive-by shooting.  Nancy said after he died she had trouble finding his policy and to make a long story short, was unable to ever collect the death benefit on her murdered husband.  She was not even sure how much it was worth… 10k, 15k, maybe 20k.  I’m not sure about the rest of the life insurance agents out there but this really bothered me.  Every appointment I’ve ever been on in my 3 years into the business, I make sure to over compensate that I am a trustworthy agent, friend, and human being to each one of my clients.  I wanted to know why the agent who they worked with back in 1991 was not just like me.  To make a long story short, Nancy gave me the last name of the agent and his company he worked with.  I told her with my resources I hoped to find an answer for her, even if it was to inform her that the policy she thought she once had was not actually in force.  Really though, I wanted to speak to this life insurance agent whom they put their trust into and find out why he failed them… either by not making sure they received their claim or at the very least let their policies lapse.  I told Nancy as I left their home that I would come back out in about 2 weeks to go over their policies and at that appointment would hopefully have an answer to her question.

After their appointment I was going straight to the office to drop off their policies.  Richard was nice and told me where a nearby Tim Hortons was because I wanted to grab a cup of coffee.  It was there at Tim Hortons that I decided to pull out my phone and start to find some answers.  I was there for a full hour making calls to numerous different insurance carriers because the company they had their policies with in 1991 was bought out numerous times by other companies.  Finally I tracked down the correct carrier.  Of course, because of HIPPA laws they were unable to disclose any information about a policy with anyone other than the client.  But I was very happy to give Nancy a call and tell her I had found the right number for her to call and find out what exactly she had or possibly not had waiting for her.  I also told her the insurance agent she worked with then was no longer working as a life insurance agent…go figure.

That night after I dropped off their policies at our office I was driving home and received a call from Richard.  He was ecstatic!  He told me that Nancy was wrong when she thought she had a 10k, 15k, or even maybe a 20k policy on her deceased husband.  It was actually a $25,000 policy.

These people needed that money more than most people out there.  The more important thing is that because of them being simple minded and having a crappy insurance agent 20 years ago, they would’ve never seen the money that was rightfully theirs.  It’s the small things we can do for our clients that really make our jobs worthwhile.  Oh by the way… I told you how I used to do similar work like Richard when I was in college.  I made a call to the gentleman I worked for in college, Jeff, and told him about Richard.  Richard called me the other night thanking me again because he was hired by Jeff.

Brad Hanners

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  1. What a fantastic story! Some people think the ERS is just a gimmick when in fact it is so important. Well done Brad!

    1. I just had a no show from 2 days ago (Tues) call. I had left a delivery receipt on his front door to let him know I missed him. He explained that his brother had just passed away–the day of our appointment. I gave him my condolences and told him I would be in his town again today and we rescheduled our appointment. This gentleman is 65 yrs old. After reading your story, I am so glad that I pushed through any doubts about this being a bad time and asked to meet him right away. We truly are helping people protect their loved ones and now is the time to act! Thank you for sharing this story; it helped me to reaffirm the importance of the service we provide for clients and their loved ones. Thanks Alex, for demonstrating true leadership and exemplary service for doing the right thing and going the extra mile for your clients! What an impact you have made for this family!

  2. Awesome job Brad! Way to go the extra mile!

  3. GREAT story! You are an awesome agent to go out of the way to provide excellent service.

  4. POWERFUL! Going the extra mile! I bet you are their agent for LIFE! And i bet you help protect their WHOLE family!

  5. Wow. Wow wow wow. Brad- that is soooooo what this business is about. Thank you for helping that family in so many ways. I only hope that I can find 100+ of you to work in my business. Keep charging!

  6. Awesome story Brad! You made a huge difference in their lives! Well done!

  7. Great work Brad!!

  8. Deborah Ransome | Reply

    Great job! What an amazing story. Another way I am shown that NAA is truly the difference between people using God and God using people. Keep up the great work. Truly an inspiring story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Thanks for this posting, as I am not yet licensed ( have failed the test 4x’s) I still stay plugged in to naa for this reason!, I know what this bizniz can do for my family,,yet, it’s what this bizniz does for others in this story. To those of you taking the test, or have passed, stay plugged in, follow the system and our days will be filled with stories like this…..GO NAA…GO Brad

  10. I just got tears in my eyes. This is what we do!

  11. What a blessing to be a blessing and change the lives of a family with such a dramatic and positive impact.

  12. Awesome Job man! Proud of YOU!!!

  13. Noelle Hiltner | Reply

    Wow what a great story. I am so proud to be with NAA because of stories like this! It is a good feeling to know that we do make a difference in people’s lives. Great job!

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