Brandee Johnson

Brandee JohnsonI received an October 2011 lead as a AA for a 91 y/o woman. I knew that we couldn’t help her but called anyway to verify her age. Her daughter who is her power of attorney confirmed her age, and once I disclosed that we unfortunately could not help her mom, she indicated that she still had about 5-6 people who were interested in a policy. So we arranged a time and date.

Lucky for me, yup, SHE STOOD ME UP!

From my initial call until now, I have spoken to this woman, who I later found out was a doctor, 25 times, and scheduled at least 8 more appointments that were all no shows!

Finally, last week I called her and gently apologized for missing one another. I made her aware that I could not continue to schedule appointments with her because when she misses an appointment I could be meeting with other families that needed protection. I guess that was the wrong thing to say because she said, “Well forget it then, Brandee, they just won’t get it!” and hung up on me.

Can you imagine how happy I was and how I wanted to call her back to say so many nice things to her? NOT!!!

I remembered training with my manager while driving back to MD from Boot Camp in NC. My manager taught us how to ignore the hang ups and to call back. So I took a few minutes, called her back and said, “Dr. Jacquelyn, I apologize, I lost reception in my office. So you were saying that you apologize for missing the appointment and we can reschedule for the 4pm or 6:45p time slot?” (I learned that quick time slot follow up by watching Jaime book appointments live). She replied “Brandee I can’t talk right now, I’m in the bank in VA for my mom, but I do apologize for not being where I said I would. Call me back tomorrow and we will reschedule.” So I agreed.

After this call I contacted my manager and informed him of how mad I was. He indicated I did the right thing but said to double book her the next time I scheduled an appointment with her.

Yes, here we go again. I’m calling to reschedule but this time she hasn’t answered her phone for 4 days.

On Thursday, March 22, 2012, at our group dial session I came to this lead. NO, I didn’t want to call, but I thought about those who needed my help, not Dr. Jacquelyn or her attitude. Still I called and she answered!

I said, “Dr. Jacquelyn, girl, we keep missing one another.” She said “Who is this?” and I replied, “Brandee”. She then asked when I would be back in the area, and I told her that I would be available on Friday and Saturday. She indicated that she was off Saturday for the entire day and that everybody who was interested in a policy would be at her house then too. I gave her two time selections and then we were set for Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 12:15 PM. I had probably repeated the date and time about 16 times when she indicated in a joking manner that she would slap me if I repeated it again. I told her “Well you only stood me up 100 times, just want to make sure you will be available.” She laughed and said she would see me then.

OK. Saturday arrives. It was a rainy day. I was depressed. I didn’t want to get out of bed and I wanted to reschedule this appointment with her. I got up went to softball practice, for energy sake, and then headed over to her house.

I knocked for about 10 minutes. NO ANSWER! I just stood there in the rain like a fool because I was truly upset, but just as I was contemplating driving my car through her garage door, finally someone came to the door! They completed a verification check of who I was and Whomp There It Is! I was in the house!

Immediately, Dr. Jacquelyn put me to work and when I finished at 8:40 PM just this past Saturday (March 24, 2012), I had 13 apps with a total of $16,013.16 AP and more referrals. OMG!

The Doctor even fed me because I was at her home all day, and yes I did eat, but we also have a shoe shopping date for next week! (Those who know me know how I feel about MY SHOES…LOL!) This is a huge testimony for so many examples we hear at National Agents Alliance, but the biggest one is to not give up. I made my first call for this lead on January 31, 2012. It took me 53 days to get this woman to truly commit to her appointment.

Looking beyond one’s self and getting the job done is a gift from God.

This couldn’t have happened to me at a better time. I am so grateful that my patience assisted so many people on Saturday.


One of my favorite quotes: “It’s not what you are willing to do that will make you successful. It’s what you are willing to do without until you get there.” – Daniel Waldschmidt

Keep working hard family. We do make a difference.

True Blessed Work In Progress,

TTFN (Tah Tah For Now)

Brandee with 2 E’s

11 responses

  1. Great job, Brandee (with 2 e’s) You had the patience of JOB and it finally paid off! BIG, I might add. I hope you enjoy your shopping spree as well.

    1. Brandee Johnson | Reply

      Thank you. Believe me, I look forward to the shopping also. 🙂

  2. Brittany Thompson | Reply

    That is INCREDIBLE!!! Way to go girl 🙂

    1. Brandee Johnson | Reply

      Thank you.

  3. Deborah Ransome | Reply

    I so needed this story today. Thank-you for sharing your tests. Without tests there is no testimony. Great job!! Congratulations on your success.

    1. Brandee Johnson | Reply

      Thank you

  4. Trish Schrader | Reply

    Awesome story, Congratulations on the well deserved business, you are a blessing to those folks!

  5. Brandee, love the drive and persistence. I am new to NAA. Would love to chat with you concerning your NAA experience. Shoot me an email with contact info.

    1. Brandee Johnson | Reply

      Welcome to NAA, Chris and thank you for commenting on my experience. Yes, please feel free to email or call me 240-422-6638. I look forward to it.

  6. Hi Brandee! GREAT JOB! I am new to NAA, but not new to the industry. How many times , have I been SO FRUSTRATED, with “no-shows”, late evening , weekend, rain storms, blizzards, and holiday appointments, only to find out, in most cases there was a very good reason, and ended up not only in a sale (not usually like yours!)and referals, but also the great feeling and the testimony to pass on of helping someone. Reading your story, confirms my move to a great company (NAA) THANKS FOR SHARING!

  7. […] Nurture your sales leads: Sometimes more isn’t necessarily better. If you’re constantly chasing new leads and new prospective clients, you may not be giving enough attention to the sales leads you already have—potentially missing out on a lucrative sale opportunity. Just because a lead decided against purchasing a mortgage insurance policy with you, doesn’t mean that they won’t a few months later—anything could have happened during that time. Closing the door too soon can result in missed opportunities and sales. […]

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