Are You Climbing the Right Ladder?

Climb the Right Ladder with National Agents AllianceWe often hear from people that say they are working their tails off to get promoted within the companies they work so hard for… only to find out when they finally get the promotion (to the top of the ladder) that they are disappointed that life is not what they thought it was going to be. In essence, their ladder was leaning against the wrong building. Why climb a ladder for years and years if you won’t be happy when you get to the top of it in the first place?

One should always consider the “end game” from the start. That is – what is it you are looking to accomplish through all of your hard work? If you invest countless hours and years of your life, will it ever give you your dream lifestyle? Will you ever own the business, or will that business own you? Your end game should be a business that affords you ample income and time freedom to live your life without limits. If this is not possible in your current career path, then it is time to rethink the path you are on. It only makes sense to decide on what END GAME you desire, then ask yourself honestly what career path will take you there.

National Agents Alliance is a diverse business with many types of agents and managers.  Occasionally, excuses are heard for not staying focused on doing the right activities – sometimes it can be difficult to maintain motivation when sales go through a rough patch. Or there could be a fork in the road…Folks may say they could not attend the weekly rotation meeting with some guests because their boss needed them at work.  This can be a difficult decision between making your boss happy (where you have a steady income) or climbing your ladder by building your business. Ultimately you must COMMIT to your business to have success, and nothing should get in your way and take you off track. Once you miss one meeting or one call, you open the door to allowing yourself to miss another, then another. Make your end game your priority, your mission. Let nothing keep you from your mission. Not a football game, a birthday party, a sore throat, or a hurricane. It’s a mission; it’s your mission.

So, the way to change your life, and climb the right ladder, is to align the end game you want in life with your National Agents Alliance mission. Take the steps to build your business foundation steadily, and once you have that solid foundation, commit!  Make your new mission as your #1 priority, and you are on your way to ultimate success with NAA.

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