Customer Service and Repeat Buyers Begin with Empathy

Customer service is an integral part to sales, and ensuring that you will have repeat customers and positive recommendations and referrals. But, to have truly exceptional customer service, National Agents Alliance (NAA) reminds its sales force that “empathy” is the secret ingredient.

Empathize With Your ClientHaving empathy—the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feeling or difficulty—will help you connect with your customer and make them feel more comfortable and confident with you and your product.

CBS News reported that customer service empathy can be boiled down to five simple questions to ask yourself:

  • How does the person I’m trying to help feel?
  • How would I feel if I were that person?
  • No matter the request or the “rules,” is there something I can/should do to help?
  • What would I expect to be done for me if the roles were reversed?
  • In the end, what would make this customer satisfied or (better yet) happy, and is there any reason I can’t do it or find someone who can?

Our products at NAA Lifemortgage protection insurance, final expense insurance, mortgage disability insurance, spouse life insurance, term life insurance, tax free retirement and annuities—are of sensitive nature for some, who would rather not like to think of what may happen if their spouse or they themselves pass away. Having empathy with your customers and discussing the sensitive nature surrounding our services can help seal the deal.

With empathy and the right attitude, you’ll be selling more, have repeat customers and have people calling you to learn more about your products.

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