Challenge Yourself

Challenge YourselfIn recently speaking with some big producers at National Agents Alliance I was in a position to overhear some great ideas that motivate daily activity.  Remember, these are the agents who have already made the leader boards and have climbed the commission scales, so people listen when they speak.

The discussion centered on not only goal-setting but also how to incentivize the process.

Here is the process:  Write a contract with yourself that outlines the exact action steps you will commit to for the next week.  Follow that with an agreement with yourself that for each item on the contract that you fail to complete by the end of the week you will rip up two dollars.  Sign the contract, date it, and place it where you will see it multiple times a day.

What kinds of things do these leaders have on their “contract with themselves?”  They write out statements like “I will read one motivational book this week,” or “I will make three sales this week,” or “I will prospect for recruits for ten hours,” or “I will exercise four times.”  And then conclude with the most important statement:  “For each task I don’t complete I will rip up two dollars.”

Tearing up money is never fun and can be painful, but to be successful requires a competitive drive.  Successful people never like to lose.  They don’t like to finish in second place.  They’re good at setting a purpose, assigning a date for completion and following through to avoid any penalty for failure.

Many people set very lofty goals with a far-off deadline.  These contracts deal with short-term, only week-long goals with very specific activities; the little things that must be done regularly to achieve big results. All too often the “big” goals are put on hold. With this weekly program, you should place the contract all over the house and office, creating a visual reminder of what must be done daily.

Your reward for success will be higher production (and commissions!) and, for failure, immediate punishment (tearing up two dollars).  Leaders at National Agents Alliance love to compete and hate to tear up money, even if it’s only two dollars!  So, challenge yourself like the leaders do.  Devise your own game; compete with yourself, and you’ll see a rise in your level of motivation.

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