An interesting tidbit about high-producing agents at National Agents Alliance is that there is a lot of diversity in backgrounds and education levels.  All sorts of people succeed in our system, which should give hope to all aspiring agents.

Have Heart!What this proves is that “heart” will give talent a run for its money every time.  The world is full of talented people who never reach their potential or their dreams, and we see many people, seemingly average folks, who have that extra something inside them that drives them to the top.

Heart is that invisible, intangible ingredient that is so difficult to describe.  It’s the magic that takes you to the next level, an overdrive that successful people just seem to be able to reach down and grab when they need something extra.  It’s a desire, a conscious choice to live big and to never quit until goals are accomplished.

People with heart are able to take a difficult situation and get around, over or through it.  They never let fear keep them from their goal.  They are not afraid to take a risk, while some highly talented people procrastinate and shrink under pressure.  The agent with heart embraces the challenge, looks past the obstacles to see the end result miles before the finish line.  They live in the present, knowing they can’t change the past, and courageously step out of their comfort zone to take on the challenge ahead.

CEO, Andy Albright, in step five of the 8 Steps to Success talks about association.  When you “attend all meetings” you get to be around the best of the best, some who are talented, some not so much.  But all of the best have heart.  Those are the people you want to emulate.  Watch and learn what they do.

Take a close look at yourself and the comfort zone where you hide.  The “comfort” zone can really be a “miserable” zone because things never change.  To expand your horizons you need to get a bit uncomfortable, take a few risks and go for it!  You might surprise yourself and land in the winner’s circle that is reserved for those with heart!

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