Who’s In Control?

Control SwitchWhat is the first thing you do each morning?  Is it checking your smartphone for text messages and emails?  If so, why?  Is there anything so important that can’t wait until after breakfast?

The top mentors at National Agents Alliance teach important mindset principles, one of which is that how you start your day sets the tone for how the rest of the day will go.  When you check emails before you’re little more than half-awake, you are letting others control you and your thinking at a crucial time of the day.

Your time upon waking is an important time to reflect on the blessings in your life, and a great time to plan your day in a positive way.  At this influential time of the day, you don’t need someone forwarding bad news or anything that may draw your attention from a positive routine.  Don’t let someone else’s needs take precedence over our own; keep control of your own special time, and dictate your day as it will work best for you.

Maintain good time management practices by focusing on YOUR day, not what someone else thinks your day should be. Before going to your email inbox, use this early morning time for writing out a list of all your projects and to-do’s for the day, prioritizing the top three or four.  Focus your attention on what’s most important for the day, set aside thirty minutes to an hour for those tasks, and make sure your calendar reflects that.  This is the most important time on your schedule for the day…nothing replaces that time and allow no interruptions!

Now, after your focused planning of the day, go on with your routine…exercise, shower, dress, read, breakfast or even a stop at the coffee shop…whatever you like to do in the morning.  Just following Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success will give you some great things to do in the morning that are far better than letting someone else get in your head before 7 a.m.!  And, guess what?  After you take care of your own needs, the text messages and emails will still be there, and the sender won’t even know at what time you read them!

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  1. excellent advice…..

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