Dogs Only Bark At Moving Cars

Have you ever heard that old saying?  We all know it’s true and real producers at National Agents Alliance understand they’ll never achieve their dreams being a “parked car.”

Are You a Leader?Leadership is about action and setting an example, and leaders know they live under a microscope, but have the courage to handle the scrutiny anyway.  The pack will only travel as fast as the leader so leaders can’t rest on past laurels, and they know that every single day requires them to set their sights on new and bigger goals.

Leaders never fear change, and in fact live by the understanding that if you can’t handle change you’d better go look for something that is very safe and secure, like a job.  They fight stagnation by getting out in front and doing everything it takes to get the job done, never expecting followers to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves.  In short, leaders are accountable.

This accountability is one of a leader’s most unique traits and is so important that it is one of Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success. Followers copy everything a leader does.

Leaders also raise up new leaders, not being afraid of being replaced at the top.  Every improvement they make to the organization makes them more valuable, and every time someone becomes more valuable in the marketplace they earn more money.

The leader learns quickly, in developing these new leaders, to not be attached to every person, and constantly watches for telltale signs like fear, doubt, and negativity that will infect a group and retard growth.  The effective leader has the courage to “weed out” the naysayers and divert time and attention to the eventual super stars, again attracting followers by assertive action.

You cannot lead from behind and National Agents Alliance is always creating new leaders who will get out in front of the crowd, men and women who have a big vision of the future. There is another old saying that describes why you have to be in front to be the leader and to be able to see the horizon:  “Unless you’re the lead dog the view never changes.”

To lead you must leave the parking space!

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