Asked for the Sale? Now Shut Up!

Asked for the Sale?  Now shut up!One of the most effective sales techniques that many salespeople fail at is keeping their mouth closed! Sounds like an easy concept right? Wrong! You’d be surprised by how many of us fail at that.

You had a great meeting, the client is excited about your product and you’re excited to close the deal. So do yourself a favor and keep your mouth closed after you ask for the sale—let your customer think and answer! Avoid being pushy by continuing to sell or put pressure on them. It can kill your sales!

All too often we get anxious about closing the deal and convincing them to make a purchase, but instead of helping the process you’re coming off as aggressive and pushy—turning the customer off to you and the sale.  A real rock star agent knows when to talk and when to let the client’s gears turn.

By keeping mum, the client has time to process the information and clearly make a decision without you prompting them toward an answer. If they answer with a “yes,” great! You made a sale! If they respond with a “no,” that’s okay too. Find out what their concerns are with the purchase so that you can address those items and save the sale by coming from another direction.

If the client is hesitant and says “not right now,” then say “okay” and make a follow-up call in a few days. You should even ask when a good time to follow-up would be and offer a specific time frame, like Monday or Tuesday morning.

It’s important to do whatever you have to do to break that bad habit of continuing to speak after asking for the sale. National Agents Alliance preaches that practice makes perfect—ask your friends if you can test your sales technique with them, and have them provide constructive feedback for you.

Once you have mastered this you are likely to see your productivity increase.  Add a little charisma to that formula, and National Agents Alliance thinks you’ll be shooting up the ranks in no time!

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