John F Myers


Here is the story on Kenneth and Joan C**…..

John MyersI received a SPEED lead (Term Life) last week, called it immediately, and booked an appointment (for the next day). I showed up the next day, and Kenneth let me in.  I talked with him for about twenty minutes, and I found out the reason why he had filled out the form. A week prior, he got into an argument with his boss of ten years, and he was fired. Sadly, he had tied his protection on his family to his employment, and his 100k in life insurance evaporated…He was now in panic mode.  Two days prior to finding us online, he sent in two applications to a competitor of ours that promised him GRADED coverage for two years with little to no cash value accumulation. After digging deeper, Mr. Kenneth also told me that he loved his family very much and that if he couldn’t find coverage, it would literally be devastating to his family if he died. He informed me that his wife Joan was very sick with Crohn’s disease, and his forty year old daughter, who lives with them, suffers from spina bifida.

By this time, the wife heard Kenneth and I talking for a while and she appeared from the back of the home and joined us at the kitchen table. I edified Mr. Kenneth in front of his wife for being a great provider for his family and for going to great lengths to find some type of protection to make sure that they would not be out on the street in a tragedy. I then proceeded to write up Monumental apps on Kenneth and his wife, Joan, who he said there was no way in the world she would get approved due to her Crohn’s disease and 20 other meds. Fast forward 3-4 days. Monumental APPROVED both policies LEVEL STANDARD!!!! Wow!!!!

Driving 3.5 hours on the way back from Mike Shless’ Boot Camp in Charlotte, NC last Friday, I had 2 of our new Team members in the car; Paul Andrew (Direct to me) and Marcus Taylor (Direct to David O’Donnell).  I asked them if they would like to hear me ,over the car’s speakers , call out on an approval,  (making money while you’re making money, while you’re making money) and of course they said “yes!” I then called Kenneth, and I’m telling you Andy, you would have thought it was scripted. I have never heard a client scream so loud! It about blew out my speakers! They were thanking me 1000 times over for showing up to their home and helping them out with this coverage and also to Andy Albright for sending them all those emails telling them that ‘Agent X’ was going to be calling them to help! Mission Accomplished!

From the bottom of my heart,

First:  Thank you Andy Albright for creating a great lead system that generates clients like this that appreciate us!

Second:  Thank you Andy Albright for teaching Mark Womack how to teach Andy Riddle how to teach Mike Shless how to teach me how to professionally and effectively help families like this out!!  Without this training, our Team and I would be sunk !!!


Jonn F Myers

Agency Manager

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  1. Maria Runyon | Reply

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!!! Stories like this remind us of the importance of what we do!! GREAT JOB thanks again

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