So You Think Times are Tough?

Sometimes when you think you’ve made a great presentation and you’re ready to start filling out the app, the prospect seems to have a change of heart.  Seemingly out of nowhere a new objection pops up and you end up driving away empty-handed while wondering what just happened.

Since every sales person, at one time or another, has faced this situation, agents working with National Agents Alliance will undoubtedly have to deal with a similar disappointment.  It’s easy to get discouraged because you just made a great presentation, showing the prospect how they could protect their family, and, for some reason, they just didn’t get it.

The same discouragement can happen when you’re making your dials and appointment setting isn’t going so well.  Some days it just seems like the only word you hear is “no.”  It’s a great time to remember step eight in Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success – always have a positive mental attitude.

Jackie RobinsonHere’s something else you could use to help in the situation when you think things are really tough and you want to get down on yourself.  In a recent article about Major League Baseball’s 5th Annual celebration honoring Jackie Robinson, the author pointed out the difficulties Robinson faced.  Sixty-five years ago Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball, and it turns out that he became one of the most important civil rights figures in the long battle for equality.  Robinson’s heroics in the struggle to integrate baseball are legendary, and he faced many difficult trials and tribulations and disgraceful behaviors from many of the fans.  Hitting a 95 mph fast ball is one of the most difficult tasks in all of sports, but can you imagine doing it under the extra pressure that Robinson faced?

On the day of this annual celebration all the major league players wear the uniform number 42, which was Robinson’s number.  So any time in your day-to-day activities of running your National Agents Alliance business when you feel discouraged and under pressure to succeed, think about Jackie Robinson.  Maybe you should put the number 42 up where you can see it.  It might just change your perspective about how much pressure you’re really facing.

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  1. aaron dossett | Reply

    I had a bad day in the field and a bad day recruiting! Reading this made me remember it is just one day! Many better things are in my future! I love these posts.

  2. […] at National Agents Alliance, we believe that in the end, its mind over matter—if you want to be successful, believe that you […]

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