What Does Your Goal Forecast Look Like?

Keep track of your goalsWhat are your goals? Have you checked on your progress in reaching those goals lately?

It happens to all of us—life gets busy, and less pressing tasks take the back seat. Unfortunately, our goals sometimes end up in the back seat instead of being strapped in the front passenger seat with its head hanging out the window. Goals give us focus and drive, and they can’t do that unless they remain front and center every day.

At National Agents Alliance we urge all of our insurance agents to keep your eye on the prize. Entrepeanuer.com has offered a helpful acronym when trying to keep your GOALS in check:

(G)ather Information: Maintain an ongoing log of information about the industry, trends and other information related to your goals. This information will help keep you focused on the big picture.

(O)rganize: Now that you have gathered all this information, you need to sort through it and prioritize it. This will help you stay on track and determine if your goals are still valid, based on the current happenings, and changes in the industry and in what you want. Organization applies to your files and materials, as well as your overall action plan.

(A)ct: Get up and do it! Start taking steps towards achieving your goals. No matter how far your goals appear to be, you cannot reach them without taking the first step!

(L)ook into the future, but keep your past in mind: By keeping your past in mind, you can identify mistakes and prevent yourself from repeating them in the future and while working to achieve your goals.

(S)et new goals: Don’t let success make you complacent. We’re at our best when we’re climbing, stretching and being challenged—reach for the next star!

As National Agents Alliance President & CEO Andy Albright said, “Do not set impossible goals; goals are promises to yourself, so make sure you finish the job.”

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