Is Facebook Stopping Your Cash Flow?

Look out!Since the dawn of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest), it’s safe to say the productivity level of millions of people has gone down the drain. Instead of making calls, setting up meetings or conducting business, you have been glued to your Facebook news feed waiting for the next mindless status update, or browsing Pinterest to find a recipe to make for dinner tonight.

“A recent survey of people working in sales, marketing, human resources and legal departments in U.S. businesses of all sizes claims that collaboration and social tools are actually costing businesses millions of dollars in lost hours. Text messaging, instant messaging, switching windows among stand-alone tools and applications, and checking personal accounts on social networking utilities like Facebook, account for nearly 60 percent of work interruptions,” says the study, which was conducted by uSamp.

The study revealed that “45 percent of employees surveyed said they can’t work 15 consecutive minutes without interruption. Another 53 percent figure they waste at least an hour a day because of distractions brought on by these tool,” Entrepreneur Magazine reports.

In fact, the study also found that these interruptions cost $10,375 per a $30 an hour employee who experiences one hour of interruption each day.

In the world of National Agents Alliance insurance sales, such social media tools, emails, text messages and instant messages are an integral part of conducting business, but knowing when to shut down the distractions is a key element in how to maintain your productivity.

If you need to go onto Facebook in order to conduct business, make that one of the things you do in the morning—get your fix for the day and then close out your Facebook for the remainder of the day. NAA advises you to get your distractions out of the way early, before you start working on more urgent and important tasks, so you can maintain focus and remain productive.

Just think how many more families you would have been able to assist with the countless hours you have spent surfing the Web, and checking your friends’ Facebook pages!  Take advantage of the technology, but be sure to set yourself limits.

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