Do You Know the Leadership Secret?

It is safe to say that digital communications and technology has revolutionized virtually everything in our lives—the way we live, work and play. It has virtually wiped out forms of personal communication and making real connections, because of the convenience of video conferencing, email, social media, cell phones and text messaging.

Leadership coach Jerry Starbucker believes that the “power of face-to-face communication” is absolutely necessary for leadership and building teams—and National Agents Alliance agrees!

In person communicationFace-to-face communication is slowly becoming a part of the past, but there is absolutely no substitute for it. Face-to-face conversations create real relationships, connections and trust, which is something that simply can’t be done through a computer screen.

Starbucker maintains that “leaders that keep this in the forefronts of their minds, and not let technology rule the way they lead, will be the ones possessing a real, modern-day ‘secret.’”

NAA agency managers should take it upon themselves to personally meet with their agents at least once a month to check-in and see how they are doing face-to-face. A lot of times you find out about a person and help them more when you’re sitting directly in front of them.

Starbucker found in his own personal experience that making the effort to meet with his employees and have real conversations with them, seeing the commitment and listening to their feelings and passions, proved to be a real difference maker. Starbucker was able to gain understanding of the collective “state of mind” of the workforce, allowing him to make educated decisions on how to attack problems and fix them.

This is a great way for National Agents Alliance’s agency managers to keep their team motivated and on the right path to building a successful business. It’s easy; just get in front of your team!

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