Power Through Your Day with the ‘Morning Success Ritual’

Good morning!When you woke up this morning were you on the right side or the wrong side of the bed? By choosing what side you woke up on as soon as your start your day, you will determine what thoughts and actions will proceed with the rest of your day.

According to the author of “Practice Power: 12 Steps to Take Your Business to the Next Level,” Joe Lukacs, believed that the most important “success habit” is to have a “morning success ritual.” This is where you start your day with a positive tone, which ultimately creates a positive day.

Lukacs reveals that a powerful morning success ritual includes:

  1. Positive visualization
  2. Morning power questions
  3. Review of business plan
  4. Positive mental diet
  5. Creating your daily game plan

If you start your day by tackling your inbox and to-do list, without arranging your thoughts and outlook, you will see less activity and results. Lukacs believes that if you make the morning success ritual apart of your morning routine you will be able to power through your day and achieve more results.

National Agents Alliance wants to know if you have any “success rituals” or “morning success rituals,” comment below and tell us about them!

2 responses

  1. My Morning Success Ritual is; ” Good Morning Father, You Are Ushering In Another Day Untouched And Freshly New So Here I Come To Ask You, God If You’ll Renew Me Too.
    Forgive The Many Errors That I Made Yesterday And Let Me Try Again Dear God To Walk Closer In Thy Way…….. But, Father, I Am Well Aware I Can’t Make It On My Own

    So Take My Hand And Hold It Tight For I Know I Can’t Walk Alone”.

    I do this every morning, it starts my day.

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