Infuse Psychology into Sales and Close the Deal

Psyche you out!Many people often forget that an effective salesperson also understands that it is largely based on psychology. How you ask questions and speak to clients; the phrases you use in your email, blogs, social media content and Web content all has a lot to do with how effective your selling technique is, and sales are a very important part of your activity with National Agents Alliance!’s “The psychology of selling: Using positive phrases”revealed some tips in how to infuse some psychology into your sales efforts in order to see more signatures on the dotted line:

  • People are emotionally driven: Clients decide to purchase your services based on a need, feeling or emotion — not necessarily a logical thought. This is why the content you write must express intangible benefits to the reader to persuade them to buy from you. As you write your content, ask yourself what emotions you are hoping to stir up in your reader in order to write the most effective sales copy.
  • Use positive and recognizable phrases: To let you in on a little trick, you can turn to social media to access positive phrases that entice your clients to purchase your services. Observe firsthand the type of language and phrases that they use when discussing your industry. Then use these exact phrases in your content to perfectly identify with your clients. This is a subconscious way of establishing a bond with your clients to attract them to choose you over your competition.
  • Always provide value: Value does not have to encompass a price. However, the content you provide to your clients should always be valuable to attract them to the credibility of your business. Whether this is offering a free downloadable report, online videos or compelling content, your clients must see value in order to even consider purchasing your services. And once you offer value to gain clients, these same clients are highly likely to pass along this valuable information to their own friends and family to do your marketing work for you.

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