NAA Wants To Know: Do You Use Any of the Top 5 Lame Sales Questions?

Hmmm?Asking the right questions will often determine whether or not you close the deal. But, some of these lame sales questions are killing your game.

According to, the following are the 5 lame sales questions you need to avoid, and why you should cut them out of your sales pitch index:


1. “What are your needs?” Really? You seriously think this question separates you from your competitor? Using this question automatically turns you into an order-taker, not a sales-maker.

2. “Are you the decision-maker?” Although there is nothing technically wrong with this question, it usually results in a yes response. A more effective way to get this information is to ask, “Who else do you normally consult with on decisions of this nature?”

3. “What is your budget?”  Many people haven’t established a budget or don’t know what to budget for a particular purchase. Do them and yourself a favor and focus on exploring their problems and presenting a solution that addresses those issues and budget becomes less of a concern.

4. “Do you want to save (money/time/other lame benefit)?”  Don’t insult my intelligence. Enough said.

5. “Do you want this (whatever feature)?” I don’t even know what that feature is. How can I possibly tell you if I want it? Oh, wait! If I say that, then it gives you the opportunity to start talking about your product. Now I get it…

National Agents Alliance wants to know if you have accidentally made one of these question blunders. Comment below!

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