Choose Happiness

Choose HappinessHappiness is a state of mind.

Do you know some people who never seem to be happy and some who always seem to be happy?  You actually have the freedom to choose happiness.  Some people get up every morning and make that choice, while others choose to let any little life challenge keep them on the unhappy side of the coin.

Remember from “Think and Grow Rich,” in the first sentence of the book it says, “Thoughts are things.”  Since we get to choose our thoughts you can start the day with thoughts that promote happiness.  As you know, thoughts repeated regularly and systematically sink into the subconscious mind and become habitual. The leading American philosopher of the nineteenth century, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said, “A man is what he thinks all day long.”  Don’t allow negative thoughts, defeatist thoughts or unkind thoughts linger in your mind; change them immediately.  Clean up your thoughts and make happiness a habit!

In his conclusion to The 8 Steps to Success, Andy Albright talks about “The Feeling of Success,” and what a great feeling it is!  However great it is to be able to afford anything you want, happiness is not about things.  You can’t purchase happiness.  The joy comes from being able to help others and really loving what you do.

Speaking about achievement, Andy says, “people ask, ‘why does a guy like Warren Buffett, up in years and amazingly wealthy, not just retire and count his blessings?’  It’s because achieving is what he does.  It defines who he is.  Achieving puts to use the strengths he has been given.”

The happiness comes from the journey, all the experiences along the way. Successful people like Buffett have found the right journey for them and the wealth gained is just the “fruits of the labor,” but by itself does not define the happiness one feels.  It’s more about the challenges faced and overcome, the relationships shared along the way and the feeling of helping other people reach their potential.

Even though the National Agents Alliance business can be hard at times, our agents, because they get to live the NAA creed…Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference…can create a level of happiness that far exceeds anyone’s wildest dreams.

Don’t allow wrong thinking to keep you from the happiness you deserve!

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