Liar, Liar, Pants on FIRE! 6 Lies Sales People Tell Themselves

Sweet little liesEvery now and again we lie to ourselves, and sometimes we do it without even realizing it. Sales people are some of the biggest culprits of this, and has revealed some of the most common lies sales people tell themselves:


  • Sales Lie #1: “I could reach my quota if my company lowered their prices.”

No, just do some work on your sales technique. If you rely solely on price to close deals then you condition your customers to constantly push you for a larger discount or a better price.

  • Sales Lie #2: “I’ve got this deal in the bag.”

If a client tells you that they’re interested, that everything looks good and that they will get back to you in a few days, it doesn’t mean that the client is going to definitely buy from you.  No deal is guaranteed until the other person signs the agreement, gives you confirmation, or places the order.

  • Sales Lie #3: “The competition is always offering better prices.”

While some competitors will consistently beat you on price, the reality is that most companies are competitively priced. It’s a rare situation when a competitor will out-price you on everything you sell unless the products are different, says.

  • Sales Lie: #4: “If I don’t set a sales target I won’t be disappointed.”

By doing this, you’re basically saying that you don’t want to succeed and you don’t want to work hard. Top performing sales reps always set high, ambitious goals and their targets are usually higher than those set by their company. They use these goals to inspire and motivate themselves to achieve more.

  • Sales Lie: #5: “No one is buying.”

This is a huge misconception. Regardless of the economy, people still make buying decisions. They still make purchases. Stop wasting time thinking about the people who aren’t buying and find the people and companies who are buying!

  • Sales Lie #6: “I don’t need to practice my sales presentation.”

If you want to be a good salesperson you have to practice, because practice makes perfect. The best sales people seldom take their sales appointments and meetings for granted. They rehearse the questions they need to ask. They run through their presentation to make sure they have included the necessary details and that their presentation flows in a logical manner and that it addresses their prospect’s situation and/or needs.

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