Too Late for an Old Neighbor

Peter OngThis world is really small. One of my leads from Monday was a San Francisco lead. I knew the address, on 39th Avenue. I said to myself, “I wonder if that is Brian’s house.”

We used to live across the street from this address. Sure enough the lead was Brian. I tried the two numbers provided on the lead, they were both disconnected. I had an appointment that morning so I decided to drive by to ring Brian’s door bell. I noticed there were several UPS attempts. I decided to leave my business card and wrote on the back. “Hey, it’s Peter your old neighbor.” I couldn’t wait to tell him why I was calling him.

I rang a another neighbor’s home. Mercedes, whom I have known for many years. She invited me in her home and sat me down and said “Brian, had passed away a few months ago”.

I could not believe this was unfolding before me. We were too late for my old neighbor. What were the odds of me getting this lead and to now have this experience? It really tells me that we cannot put off or delay the request for our mortgage protection leads. It is too late for Brian’s family. Shortly, after I left Mercedes home. The realtor who is taking care of the property for the trustees called me from the card I left on the gate and also told me that Brian had passed away. The family is planning on putting the house for sale in a few weeks…

Peter Ong

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