Three Ways Salespeople Can Save Money While Traveling

Travel ExpensesBeing with National Agents Alliance, or even just in sales in general, means that you travel—a lot! Whether you’re traveling across the U.S. or an hour down the road, there’s one thing that you can count on—you’ll spend money. After a few trips, you begin to see how much it really costs to travel for work, but there are ways to do business on the road and save money.

  • Hotels:  You can save on your hotel rooms if you book in advance as much as possible. Using discount travel sites like or, you can often find cheaper rates per night. In addition if you have AAA, they offer discounts at affiliated hotels—just show your card at check-in or during booking.
  • Airfares: Airlines in the U.S. earned some $6 billion in ancillary fees in 2010, charging for everything from a first checked bag to trail mix to pillows. Avoid extra baggage charges by packing light so that your luggage can be a carry on—saving you about $25 (depending on the carrier). You can also take advantage of discount travel sites like or to compare prices and find the best deal.
  • Rental Cars: While you won’t save much in renting vehicles, Enterprise has introduced a new customer service model to help set them apart. If one of their brands doesn’t have a car in the category you selected, or if you’re dissatisfied with the selection, employees are empowered to find options elsewhere in their fleet, the industry’s largest, or to offer a more expensive vehicle at the same price. That won’t help your bottom line–but if you’re going to pay $70 a day for a car, it might as well be a Lincoln, Entrepreneur Magazine reports.

It may also be a good idea to look into a rewards card, which gives you points when you spend, to use towards travel—like hotels and airfare. Some cards even allow you to use those points and turn them into cash, saving yourself money in the end.

No matter what you do, you will spend money while traveling. But, saving a few dollars here and there will add up and you’ll begin to see more money in your pocket.

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