Cut The ‘Negative Nancy’ Out of Your Life

Cut out the NegativeNo matter what you do in life there is always going to be a “Negative Nancy” to try to bring you down. The key to success is identifying those barriers and bringing them down instead, because they only serve to make your journey to financial freedom even harder.

During your journey with National Agents Alliance, you will encounter these people along the way, and some every day—but how you handle them will determine whether or not they will block your path to success.

Business strategist Terry Starbucker offered advice in his article, “The 3 People That Stand In Your Way Of Business Success (and How To Push Them Aside,)” on how to identify these people and how you can move these people aside:

  • The Naysayer: “You can’t do that!”  “Are you out of your mind!”  “No way”   The Naysayer lives in a bizarro world where nothing gets done, every idea is silly or stupid, and resentment and jealousy are written on their sleeves. At the urging of my first boss, I eliminated the word “CAN’T” from my vocabulary. Banished it. Cast it off. Once that’s done, an amazing thing happens – you can’t HEAR it on the outside either. It no longer registers – it’s just there. So when I encounter the Naysayer now, it’s like the “wah wah wahs” you hear on a Peanuts cartoon.
  • The “Frenenvy: “Oh, that’s interesting…”   “Good luck with that.”   “Geez, I’d like to help, but…”   The Frenenvy, not to be confused with the “Frenemy,” is someone you know pretty well who is content to let your dreams and ambition essentially “lie there.” Not a Naysayer, but yet, a person that could “infect” you with the same inertia that they are exhibiting.    It’s one of those 7 deadly sins at work – envy.   You are going places, and talking about it. Putting it out there.  And that can make people you know pretty nervous – not about you, but about themselves.  (I know, because earlier in my life I’ve been a Frenenvy). Envy is powerful.  So yes, they stand in your way, but in this case, these persons are your friends, so “the push aside” isn’t necessarily casting them away, or ignoring them.    It’s just that they have issues to work through, so when it comes to your dreams, they just can’t be in that particular glide path.
  • YOU: “I’m scared” “I’m not trusting my instinct” “What if I fail?” That voice inside your head -it’s dangerous. It never forgets anything, all the way back to when you messed up in Kindergarten and got called out by the teacher in front of everybody. All those embarrassments and insecurities, buried beneath your dreams. That’s the YOU; you need to always be aware of, and the awareness itself is what will save you. Because your instincts ARE good, and as a dreamer, you’ve already taken some of the hardest steps. For us, it’s “coming to terms” with our fear that will keep it at arm’s length. Trust yourself, and all of those internal barriers will fall away.

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  1. White Sheeting what crap I need to cut out of my life!

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