A Perpetual List

Uber List!Agents with National Agents Alliance start with a list of friends and acquaintances in order to build a large agency.  Many lack an endless source of prospects to speak with on a regular basis.

One position no agent ever wants to be in is where you are desperate or “needy” because of a scarcity of prospects.  On the other hand, when an agent has a seemingly endless supply of prospects, they are confident that there is always someone to speak with next if someone turns them down.  Our most successful agents are never attached to the answer they get from a prospect…yes or no matters not to them.  With a large list, they just move on to “next.”  Without this endless supply of names, it becomes crucial to get a “yes” answer almost every time you speak with someone about the business opportunity.

Those agents with National Agents Alliance who are the most successful recruiters start with their own list and, because they understand their business is one of duplication, they compound their successes.  In other words, if they recruit five people from their list of 100, they compound their list by adding the 500 names from the five new recruits.

The agents know that not all 100 people on a list will necessarily be interested in joining the business, but they do know that some will.  With the five recruits supplying 500 new names, and with the same success rate of five percent, the list of prospects will yield 25 new recruits who will, in turn, supply a list of 2500 new prospects.

When our leaders at National Agents Alliance are training new agents they do not accept excuses…no one can say they have no one to call. We know from experience that everyone probably knows 200 or more people, but just using the number 100, you can see that a perpetual list of prospects can be built that will continue to compound into staggering numbers, almost more people that can possibly be contacted.  Even if someone you recruited leaves the business, you have their list of names, and, by compounding, you have a never-ending list!

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  1. Dee Angel Jimenez | Reply

    Hello I’m Dee Jimenez, Direct to Patrick Phillips. My list so far is 60 and growing. Today i will be following up on how the results are. 3 wks have passed since involving myself with NAA. Staying motivated and organized is key to me. Simplicity is also the best way to be stress free is what I’ve learned so far. Looking forward to making people as well as myself happy.

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