Share Your Success With Someone

Share Your SuccessAsk anyone who is going through a difficult time in their marriage, or with a child, or even butting heads with a co-worker and they will tell you that difficulties in relationships can negatively impact every area of our life.  Because relationships are so important to success at National Agents Alliance, this is doubly true for our agents.

In the creation story, the first gift bestowed on the very first person was the gift of a companion. Humans are designed to live together, and the vast majority of our happiness in life (or lack thereof) comes from our ability to have good relationships.  This is obvious in your NAA business.

Most of us have learned somewhere along the way that having good relationships is not easy and takes the effort of both parties for success.  Perhaps you’re in a relationship right now with a spouse or other important person and that relationship is no longer what it used to be. Maybe there is tension from work, or maybe you’ve just lost interest and drifted apart. Whatever is affecting the relationship, it’s important to use a few basic skills to repair it.  All the success in the world can be diminished in value if you have no one to share it with.

Whether the relationship is at work or personal, there are three basic tools that can make things work better. The three tools are time, effort, and imagination. Sadly, the first tool is so simple it is often overlooked. Time is as simple as sitting at the table together eating a meal instead of grabbing a meal on the go, or in the case of a key relationship, it can be the commitment to spend a week’s vacation together or to sit and read to a child every night for fifteen minutes.

One single, working mom shared the story of how she always gets up 30 minutes early and fixes a big breakfast for her three boys. Their teenage lives are busy and full of sports and activities, but she made the commitment to spend time with them before the distractions of the day, and it has kept her family close. While these things may not be easy, they pay huge dividends, and the good things in life generally require some effort on our part. She clearly feels that this extra effort is a key to her children’s well-being.

Imagination is the ability to see the relationship the way it could be.  Be creative and plan a special date with your spouse and then make it happen. Celebrate a holiday or a birthday in a unique way. Find a funny card to send for no reason at all or bring a coworker a piece of homemade dessert or an interesting newspaper article. Just use a little imagination and have some fun with it.

Top producers at National Agents Alliance learn quickly that a key factor for success in life is having good relationships with family, team members and clients.  We will never do well in sales or recruiting if we can’t conquer the basics of healthy relationships, and life’s successes seem even sweeter when you have someone to share them with.

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