The Importance of an NAA Agent

Importance of InsuranceThere was a tragic news story one weekend about a young man and his infant son being killed in a car accident…got me thinking about how important life insurance really is and how agents with National Agents Alliance make a difference every day.

I don’t know the family mentioned above, but I couldn’t help but think about this widow, and the incredible difficulty she is now facing this particular day in her life.

Does she have bills? A mortgage? Other children to support? We know she now has two funerals to pay for, a car to replace, and possibly other unexpected expenses. Not only has the family lost an income earner, but she will probably miss a considerable amount of time from work herself. No doubt, the coming year of her life will be extremely difficult dealing with such an immense loss.

But how will she be face the financial challenges? Will she have to turn to her friends and family to pay for funerals? Will she be overwhelmed with bills and face foreclosure and bankruptcy? Or will the tragedy of this moment be tempered by the fact that her husband loved her enough to make sure that her financial needs were met, no matter what? Will the memory of her husband be intertwined with the financial hardship he left behind or with a secure financial future so she can begin to mend her broken heart?

As you meet with your prospects, remember how important your role is to the family you are sitting with. Every family you meet with needs what you are offering. Young people need insurance while their rates are low, and they are insurable. Families need insurance to protect one another and to pay the bills.  Baby boomers and beyond need insurance to leave a legacy to those they love.

Our team at National Agents Alliance must always keep this in mind when you are meeting with a family: life insurance is a necessity for everyone you meet. Your satisfaction comes with knowing you have done everything in your power to protect families, and when you do that, everyone involved will sleep better that night.

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