The Difference Between Winning and Losing

Winning and Losing...There are some obvious differences between people who achieve success and people who don’t.  At National Agents Alliance we don’t settle for mediocre and we look to recruit like-minded people who specialize in turning challenges into triumphs.

In the NAA business model, as in life in general, success or failure is up to you.  We have all the training necessary for learning the business, but no one can do it for you. Our leaders search for men or women who first believe in themselves and have some common traits found in winners.


Attitude is more important than ability.  There are plenty of unsuccessful people with great ability in the world, but the winners in life all have a great attitude.  We want people who develop the attitude that nothing is impossible, people with a burning desire to succeed, and someone with the intelligence to follow the footsteps of our great leaders who have already done it.  NAA agents with the right attitude will not try to “re-invent the wheel,” but are receptive to learning what has been proven successful.


Success in our business is about leadership.  The ability to influence others, whether it be to purchase one of our products or to teach others the business, is a characteristic we look for in new agents.  This ability can be developed if the individual is “Teachable,” one of Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success.  Agents possessing the right attitude already mentioned, can become future leaders by copying the best-of-the-best at NAA.  Have you developed this characteristic yet?


Are you a good listener?  In the 8 Steps to Success, NAA CEO Andy Albright emphasizes that you first “seek to understand.”  Leaders, with that winner’s attitude, actively, and respectfully, listen with the intent to understand. This means listening to your mentors, as well as your clients, because leaders never stop learning, and it’s an interesting fact that NAA’s top income earners master this skill first to sell more.

Talent on its own will never make you successful.  We definitely want talented people in our National Agents Alliance business, but more importantly, we look for new agents willing to learn, who will listen to our successful producers, and who ultimately, possess a great attitude…a belief that nothing is impossible, an attitude that “I can, and I will.”

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