Eric Lardie Love this Opportunity!

What an outstanding week this has been!!

Sheryl & I received an invitation to the Albright Board Member School and we traveled down from Michigan to attend.

We spent Friday afternoon at the home office with The Lead Performance Team, President’s Club, and the ABTF. Friday evening we received an invite to the Albrights home!  A jammed pack evening with food and refreshments with NAA’s top leaders!

While we were in North Carolina, we associated with Stephen & Hollie Davies as much as we could, and we picked up a few leads too.

  1. On Tuesday we ran business in Burk County, and we wrote five applications!  Later, we conducted interviews and contracted 2 new agents.
  2. On Wednesday we were able to spend time with Kevin & Nancy Davies!
  3. Thursday we attended the Asheville Rotational Meeting with Stephen Davies, Fitz, & Gina Hawks!  The Night Owl for Presidents Club was fantastic!
  4. Friday, we attended the Davies Group Bootcamp and assisted in some training.
  5. Saturday we ran appointments again, and we wrote another 6 applications and 1 annuity!!

We are working on our business, recruiting and covering families…Love this opportunity!

Thank you National Agents Alliance & Staff, Andy for creating and constantly improving this phenomenal system and Stephen for the coaching and mentoring.

Eric Lardie
-hired by Stephen Davies
(Detroit Rotational Meeting)

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