Cindy Ray, Helping Those in Need

Last year I had an enrollment at a small family owned grocery store in the town where I live.  I knew the couple that owned the store through a local gathering place we both frequented.  They were kind enough to allow me to supply their 10 to 20 employees with supplemental insurance option plans, one of which being a cancer policy that paid cash to the client.  At the time, I was also trying to assist the owner with processing claims for his deceased mother.

During the enrollment, I met with one of his daughters.  She had just moved back to the area with her little girl.  She decided on taking out a life policy and a cancer policy. She intended to get married in the near future so she went ahead and took a family cancer plan to cover her and her daughter that would pick up her husband when they got married.

About 3 months after the enrollment, the couple that owned the grocery came over to my table at the oyster bar that we frequented.  Kenneth told me that he had not had much luck with his mother’s old life policies yet, but that he would be forever grateful to me for signing his daughter up for the family cancer plan because it had been such a blessing to the family. His 4 year old granddaughter had been diagnosed with lung cancer 2 to 3 months after they took out the policy.  His daughter never in her wildest dreams imagined that her 4 year old would get cancer of any kind.  The money helped them tremendously.  The little girl is still fighting for her life, but I understand that at the moment she is improving from her last battle.

I truly believe the Good Lord put me in front of her mother to help her.  I only hope that I can help others.  It is a wonderful feeling to be able to help a little girl’s family like that in such a terrible situation.  I have always said that life would be wonderful if we could only decide what the Lord wants us to do with everything that he puts in front of us every day!


Cindy Ray

Manchester, TN

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