On The Road? Four Tips to Getting Your ‘Me-Time’ In

Travel TipsAs an insurance agent you’re on the road a lot. From driving to flying, even taking the train, the long hours on the road can take a toll on anyone.

Whether you’re traveling to National Agents Alliance’s Leadership Convention or on the road to meet with clients and attend meetings, it’s easy to get caught up in the drag of traveling.  But, there is an upside to frequent travel, as you can fit in more “me-time” while on the road.

CBS News reveals the top four ways you can make business travel less grueling:

  1. Bring a good book: At NAA we advise all of our agents to read, and what’s a better time than when you’re sitting on a plane and the flight attendants ask you to turn off all electronic devices? That time period is when you could get in at least 30 minutes of reading time. Also, when you’re sitting at the airport or waiting for a taxi are also good opportunities to read a couple pages.
  2. Call your friends: Haven’t had time to catch up with your old college buddy or call your grandmother, whose birthday was last month—here’s your chance! When you’re sitting at a hotel with nothing better to do, grab the phone and start making those calls you’ve been meaning to make.
  3. Exercise:  Most hotels have a gym and a pool that you can take advantage of by swimming laps to get your exercise in. You can also go for a brisk walk and check out the scenery of the city you are visiting.
  4. Watch that TV show you’ve been meaning to:  If you never have time to watch television and are up late at night because of jet lag or have an hour between meetings, take that time to sit down, relax and watch TV.

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