Team Building or Crazy?

Some of The Alliance’s corporate leadership went on a little team building “exercise” on Aug. 2.

On a field covered with various obstacles and terrains just outside of Burlington, N.C., people from different worlds engaged in a “fierce competition” that few would return from unscathed.

By day’s end, there were marks on every combatant, but the real story was the smiles on the faces of team members from The Alliance.

Why would grown men embark on such a mission at Paint Ball Central? To learn better teamwork and because it’s fun! C’mon, who doesn’t love paintball?

The NAA team’s goal was to build camaraderie between various departments in an effort to strengthen the cohesion of an already tight staff.

The result?

Mission accomplished!

No animals were harmed in this video, but some welts were left on NAA staff that chose to shoot paint balls at each other during the three-hour “exercise.”

Special thanks to Andy Albright for allowing our team to take part in what turned out to be an amazing day of team building.

It was an event where all the different worlds of the National Agents Alliance corporate office collided in an epic show of athleticism and several very embarrassing moments for most. The result was a more aligned sense of pride in what others do to make The Alliance a finely-tuned machine. It was also a reminder that most of us are NOT going pro in anything related to athletics!

Highlights of the event can be seen in this video, shot by AMP Studios. Look closely and see if you can spot people you know from The Alliance!

You’ll laugh, some of us cried when hit and we all had fun! We hope you enjoy watching this.

Stay tuned … The Alliance is just getting started!

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