No Guts, No Glory: How to Earn a Gold Medal in Business With The Albright Challenge

The Albright ChallengeEvery four years the world becomes captivated by the world’s greatest athletes, who compete and fight for the coveted gold medal in the Olympic Games. The world watches in awe as Olympic greats like Michael Phelps, who won multiple events in the 2012 London Olympic Games became the “most decorated Olympian” of all time; to inspiring gold medalist Gabby Douglas, who left her family at a young age to move across the United States to train with some of the world’s best gymnastic coaches, we were all taught a lesson that glory doesn’t come without sacrifice, hard work, dedication and the will to succeed.

The glory, which comes in the form of an Olympic medal for the athletes, is something everyone is fighting for, whether it is in the Olympics or in life.

We may not become great athletes, but we can all become one of the “greatest” in the arena of life. The 2012 London Olympic Games have taught us many things can we can transfer into our daily lives to help us achieve great success.

Olympians were willing to give up everything, including attending a regular school, leaving their families and spending countless amounts of money and hours on training in order to reach their dreams. They essentially breathed, slept and lived their respective sport.

Above all, they listened and learned from others. They had coaches, mentors and advisors that helped them grow from a sub-par athlete to an Olympian.

If you want to reach new heights, achieve your goals and become successful, you have to listen and learn from others who are smarter than you.  If you want to make it to the top, you need to set a goal and do everything in your power to making that dream become a reality.

If you want to win the gold medal in your own life, there’s work that needs to be done and that begins with The Albright Challenge.

“We say that it takes YOUR WORK to make the DREAM WORK and the only thing that is holding you back is you. All you have to do is commit to developing the mindset of a winner, set your goals and chase them down. Winners make the decision, and then the commitment, then they take action and have persistence,” explains Andy Albright, the man behind The Albright Challenge. “If you make the commitment today, in just 90 days you can literally make your tomorrow better than your today and reach unbelievable heights in both your professional and personal lives.”

So what is the 90-day challenge?

Andy Albright, the President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, has consulted with the top leaders and motivational speakers like international bestselling author Brian Tracy and former Florida Marlins manager Jack McKeon, to create a goal setting program that can help you make your dreams become a reality. With daily videos, Albright will help train and coach you into becoming an Olympic athlete of the business world. Using his tools and guidance, you too can earn that gold medal in life.

Now is the time to make a decision to change your life, just visit to get started on the path to glory.

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