Think Your Way to Success

“You become what you think about all day long.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The mind is a powerful tool, and a key to success. Visualizing success and achievement of a goal actually plays a huge role in realizing that dream.

Believe it or not, your mind experiences difficultly separating the actions you are taking now from the actions you want and memories of the past. While you are daydreaming of accomplishing a goal, your brain has a hard time discerning whether your remembering a past accomplishment or it’s something you’re planning to do, INC. Magazine reports.

Think and VisualizeBecause your brain recognizes your visualizations as something desirable, it releases dopamine which not only motivates you, but it activates a portion of your brain that learns from repetition.

This brain activity is why it is so important to visualize where you want to go and who you want to be. It’s almost like your training your brain to become successful, much like you train your body to increase your stamina for a marathon race. Repetition is the key in training anything, including your mind.

Keep visualizing yourself as a successful individual with a growing business, nice clothes, cars and a house and before you know it you could actually be living out those dreams.

If you’re having trouble visualizing where you want to be, it is advised that you should get some visual cues. Andy Albright, the President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, advises that you pick up the Robb Report, a luxury magazine filled with all the finer things in life. This is a great aid in visualizing what the “good life” can be like. Tear the pages out, cut pictures out, or just keep a stack of visual cues nearby to constantly remind you what you want your life to be like. Just day dreaming and visualizing could subconsciously drive you all the way to realizing those dreams and reaching success.

Now, let your imagination run wild!

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