NAA Provides Jobs for Veterans

American FlagNational Agents Alliance seeks and welcomes the employment of veterans as agents. While many veterans return home without knowing where to start searching to find a job, NAA waits and hopes for applications from veterans.

A 2012 study from Yale University published in Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, “Homeless Veterans Who Served in Iraq and Afghanistan: Comparisons with Previous Cohorts,” found that approximately 20-25 percent of the U.S. homeless population is made up of veterans.

Although no specific cause for veteran homelessness was listed in the study, it’s safe to assume that a fair percentage of these veterans were unable to find employment upon returning home, for one reason or another.

There are companies, like NAA, that welcome veterans, offering necessary training, but the majority of companies typically require job-specific education or experience. These requirements often categorize many people as “unqualified,” leaving them with no chance of getting a position.

Some veterans join the military right out of high school, and others go to college before they enlist. Some people make careers out of the military, while others serve for a shorter time. National Agents Alliance sees the potential in all people. That’s why NAA offers company-specific training for new agents, and why NAA requires no prior experience. NAA seeks agents with great character, not just agents with great experience or a college degree.

National Agents Alliance values and seeks veterans as employees, and, by doing so, is helping decrease the number of unemployed and homeless veterans in the U.S. There is a great future in store for veterans who become licensed insurance agents with NAA!

At NAA, we believe that you are in charge of your destiny. If you set your goals and work hard enough, you can be who you want to be. Veterans, and other agents, have the freedom with NAA to create their own hours, choose their own pay, and be as successful as they’d like to be. We offer the training and materials needed for every agent to succeed!

For more information about becoming a licensed insurance agent with National Agents Alliance, visit Fill out the form on the site for immediate employment consideration.

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