National Agents Alliance: Keeping Client Service at the Core

When you are in a sales position that depends on clients for income, it’s important to remember that your job is to serve clients. Many agents get caught up in daily calls, forgetting that their clients don’t owe them anything. At National Agents Alliance, we encourage and require our agents to put their clients first.

Although agents are dependent on clients for their income, it is up to agents to provide excellent customer service and top-notch products for their clients. Clients will respond based on the agent’s attitude – the level of respect and trustworthiness the agent establishes will be the determining factor of the sale.

Next time you go on a sales call, remember that you are doing your clients a favor by offering them life insurance coverage, but your clients are also doing you favors by buying their coverage from you. Remember that you have a sales position, and sales positions require excellent client service – National Agents Alliance only accepts the best, and we expect nothing less from our agents.

No Life Insurance

Here are some tips for practicing and maintaining excellent client service for better sales practice and success.

  1. Be sincere: If a client is expressing an issue or concern, be sincere in your care and your response. If the client is concerned about the coverage, be honest and thorough in your explanation. Remember that you are representing yourself as a professional, but also National Agents Alliance as a company and Andy Albright as a leader. If your client is displeased with the coverage they received or the way you handled something, have genuine care for listening to your client and repairing the situation. Take time to listen, then apologize and make things right. Sometimes clients just want to be heard and to see that you care – grant them that and then make efforts to amend the situation. This will show clients that we care about making a difference at National Agents Alliance.
  1. Be positive: Make a point to be positive with your clients. Whether you are thinking of a client or speaking with a client, make sure that your attitude is toward the situation is positive. If you have a difficult client, try to think positively about him or her, rather than allowing yourself to get frustrated or dread encounters with that client. Staying positive about things like this will not only make it easier for you to enjoy your work, but your clients will notice your kindness and willingness to help. Be positive and keep yourself moving forward. As you keep moving forward, National Agents Alliance will move forward – we are making a difference!
  1. Be the bigger person: Be sure you offer your best services and advice to your clients, making sure to remain positive and sincere. If a client is displeased with something – even if it comes across as a personal attack on your character – remain poised and positive. Hear your client out and don’t fight back. It’s natural to want to explain or defend yourself, but your client will view this as an invitation to fight. Listen to your client, express sincere disappointment that he or she feels that way, and ask what you can do to make things right. Often, clients only want to know that you care enough to make it right, and they typically ask for much less than we expect. Being positive and sincere will show your client that you are the bigger person and will rebuild trust and credibility. Remember, again, that you are not only representing yourself, but also National Agents Alliance and Andy Albright. Your actions extend far beyond each individual meeting.

Help us continue having fun, making money and making a difference. Each agent plays an important role in who we are and what we do at National Agents Alliance. Remember to put your clients first and to maintain a flawless reputation for National Agents Alliance.

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